How Many Carbs Per Day

Carbs are so delicious. But how many carbs can per day and still lose weight. That is the topic of this video. And if you stay will me till the end, you will learn 1 mistake that everyone makes and how to fix it.
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How Many Grams Of Carbs Per Day

Hi, your coach Niko is here. 8 years ago I lost over 65 lb.

It was a tough journey. I made lots of mistakes. The key lesson I learned is that what you eat matters more than how much you exercise. This discovery inspired me to create a channel with effective tips and delicious recipes so you can eat healthy, get fit and feel amazing. Let’s go back to the carbs.

I learned, the hard way that when I eat too many carbs my weight goes up and when I don’t eat any carbs my energy goes down. Have you ever experienced that. That happening because our body needs the right amount of carbs daily so it can function properly.