Survive The End Days Book is an loose to canvass pass on how to Survive the Biblical end Days. Nathan Playwright, the author of this orientate, explains that inner his playscript he gives the direct steps grouping should take in prescript protect themselves and their families during this period.

As passionate Christlike, seasoned student and an anthropologist, Nathan Dramatist aims to inform the open of his anticipation of the Baronage’s Sec Reaching, which he sets the comrade as January 1, 2017 (supported on prophecies found in the scripture). Preceding to this date, he predicts the occurrence of a destructive circumstance such as Electro-magnetic Heartbeat attack that instrument ending in country outages, failures in heat devices, disruption of transport vehicles, unfortunate of the cyberspace, etc.

Nathan says that the primary aim of his orient is to refine the open7 on how to Survive and how to prosper during the end Days as supported on the biblical prophecies.