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Japan Travel Diary – Odawara Castle, Kanagawa Japan Tourism Guide Video

Check out the Japan Travel Diary – Odawara Castle, Kanagawa Japan Tourism Guide Video http://bigtriptojapan.com/odawara Download the Big Trip To Japan Free 23 Japan Travel Tips to learn how to travel to Japan and what to do in Japan http://bigtriptojapan.com/23tips

ABOUT This Video

In this video, Christopher C. Odom from Big Trip To Japan goes over his Japan Travel Diary – Odawara Castle, Kanagawa Japan Tourism Guide. If you are looking for Japan travel guide HD or Japan travel vlog to travel from Odawara Station in Kanagawa Prefecture to a Japanese castle, then check out this Japan tourism guide video. Odawara castle is the closet Japan castle to Tokyo. The Big Trip To Japan travel blog will help you with your Japan trip planning, Japan travel tips and Japan trip tips when you visit Japan.

Odawara Castle, Kanagawa Prefecture highlights in this Japan trip planning video:

1. Leaving Odawara Station (00:48) The walk from Odawara Station in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan to the Odawara Castle Tower is approximately 11 minutes.


2. Odawara Castle Courtyard (00:57) The Odawara Castle grounds are enclosed with in a series of courtyards with cherry blossoms, gardens and other structures.


3. Odawara Castle Museum (01:15) Odawara Castle was damaged or destroyed many times over the years, but the current standing structure was rebuilt in 1960 to celebrate the 20th proclamation of Odawara as a city.


4. Odawara Castle Mobile App (01:50) The Odawara Castle Museum in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan has downloadable a Apple and Android app to guide you through the museum in English.


5. Odawara Castle Ticket Price (02:00) The price of admission to the Odawara Castle Tower museum is ´700 JPY which is approximately $7 USD.


6. Odawara Castle View (02:41) The 7th largest castle in Japan, and the closest to Tokyo, on a clear day, Odawara Castle Tower presents breathtaking views.


7. Odawara Castle Samurai Museum (03:38) Included with the full price of admission to the Odawara Castle Tower Museum is admittance to the Odawara Castle Samurai Museum which is located directly across from the castle in the main courtyard.


8. Odawara Castle Samurai Museum Movie (03:44) The Odawara Castle Samurai Museum has a very interesting movie at the end of the museum filled with cinematic surprises.


9. Odawara Castle Costumes (04:07) Probably the best part of the Odawara Castle Tower Museum is the Samurai Museum photo opportunity. For only ´300 JPY which is approximately $3 USD, you can dress up as a Samurai, Ninja or in a Kimona or Kimono.



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